About Marcello

I have been a practicing Cardiologist in the Cleveland area for many years, yet in my heart I always knew I had to re-focus my interests on imagery outside of the human body! A long, perhaps unusual journey took me from my native Italy to the U.S., and my knowledge and love for both worlds have led to great photographic adventures which I constantly strive to share with friends and visitors.

Marcello Mellino

Marcello Mellino

Art in all its forms has been a very strong intellectual personal motivation throughout the years, so my ongoing maturation and growth as a Fine Art photographer seems quite natural, and at the same time very challenging and exciting! The process of photographic imagery ” creation” goes much further than the simple ” taking” of the photograph, since it necessitates a good amount of vision, creativity and curiosity, besides all the technical attributes, and I find immense satisfaction in the sequence leading from that initial “moment of vision” to the final printing act, which is the perfect culmination for a fleeting instant to become permanent reality.

The opportunity to share my photographic visions and creations with friends and clients has become a wonderful reality since the opening of “ IMAGES ” Photographic Art Gallery in Lakewood, Ohio, where I invite anyone with an interest in this field to come in to browse and “ visit” nearby and distant worlds!

We are happy to meet all your decorating needs for the home, your office or business, and provide Fine Art Photographic Prints as the perfect gift for the people in your life.

A presto, ciao!




“IMAGES” Photographic Art Gallery
14406 Detroit Avenue   |   Lakewood, OH 44107   |   (216) 406-1271

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